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Welcome to Kuper Academy

We recognize that the selection of a school is an important decision for both you and your children. At Kuper Academy, we offer a challenging English academic program, French courses suited to individual ability, as well as a rich co-educational school life in a safe, suburban setting. Our teachers and staff guide our students as they move from childhood to young adulthood, preparing them to meet the challenges of life with confidence and enthusiasm. We always strive to ensure that each student enjoys academic success, experiences personal growth, and develops lasting friendships through participation in school activities. Welcome to our Kuper community!


Tomorrow’s leaders will require the right blend of knowledge and judgment, in addition to self-discipline and critical thinking skills. Kuper Academy’s educational programming provides fundamental skills and values required for life-long learning, academic achievement and a strong sense of personal growth.

Fine Arts

At Kuper Academy, artistic expression is valued and appreciated no matter what the age of the student. Arts education is not only part of the curriculum, but is also an extracurricular option for children of every age who study at Kuper. Students have various programming choices from which they can nurture their artistic passion and ability.

Extracurricular Activities

At Kuper, we emphasize the importance of developing a variety of skills and abilities and we maintain an atmosphere in which children can enjoy learning while simultaneously developing the competencies that they will need for a productive future. We encourage each child to try out new activities and, as a result of having so many extracurricular choices, students find that they learn new skills as well as more about themselves and the people they want to become as adults.

Student Services

Because Kuper Academy is a educational community, we take a holistic approach when it comes to service delivery. Students have access to libraries, a cafeteria, several gymnasiums, and an array of other facilities and services to draw from during their days at Kuper. We believe that by providing the structure and the tools to students to support them in their growth and development, we are enabling them to learn in a variety of ways.