Kuper Academy - Early Learning Pavilion (ELP)

Modern and Caring Environment

Housed in a modern building on Aesop Street in safe, suburban Kirkland, Kuper Academy’s preschool, kindergarten, and cycle one elementary programs serve over 200 students from the ages of three through seven.
With small classes, dedicated teachers and an enriched curriculum Kuper Academy has been fostering the development and supporting the growth of its young students for several generations.

Laying the foundation for the building blocks of learning.

One School for All

Kuper Academy’s preschool and elementary schools include: government subsidized full-day K-3 and K-4 programs, a full-day five-year old Kindergarten and all cycles of the Quebec Elementary Program from grades one through six. A Junior School Headmistress and an assisting administrator oversee the Early Learning Pavilion and the elementary school. Most grade levels have three classes with an average size of 20 students and a maximum number of 25 at the upper elementary levels. Our subsidized K-3 preschool program has a ratio of one teacher to eight students, and our K-4 preschool program has a ratio of one teacher to ten students. Preschool and Kindergarten children are natural learners. Kuper Academy’s developmental preschool and Kindergarten programs are designed to provide a stimulating dual-language environment at the peak of a young child’s learning capacity. Our teachers encourage each child to develop an active imagination. Social skills are developed through interaction with other children during free play and group activities. Well-qualified teachers provide rich and varied programs to capitalize on the natural curiosity of all children.


KUPER Advantages

Nurturing environment

Our experienced educators take pride in providing a warm and welcoming atmosphere conducive to learning. They encourage each child to develop an active imagination, to interact positively with others, to become more autonomous and feel confident, capable and valued. Frequent communication with parents is key.

Strong educational foundation

Our early learning programs encourage cognitive development by inviting children to explore interesting new topics. Using learning centers, themed classroom activities, projects and lessons our teachers help students to expand their knowledge and develop concrete skills, encouraging them to make connections across multiple content areas while stimulating more complex thinking. Children become active listeners and learners.

Dual Language acquisition and development

The literacy journey is exciting for Kuper students as they move from learning letters, sounds and sightwords to reading with fluency and expressing their ideas through writing. French language acquisition occurs gradually using a complementary approach. Because they read and write in kindergarten, our students transition seamlessly into mastery of the core subjects taught in grades one and two. It is rewarding to see them develop a voice.

Age-appropriate facilities

Young children need a spacious and stimulating environment in order to thrive. Our Early Learning Pavilion provides bright, modern spaces, self sustaining classrooms, an age adapted gymnasium, and outdoor spaces for students aged three to eight. A music room, computer lab, library and auditorium are all at their service along with buses to shuttle them to off-campus activities. The Early Learning Pavilion is their home away from home.