Kuper Academy - Fine Arts

At Kuper Academy we realize the importance of nurturing well-rounded individuals who are not only successful in school, but who grow up to be confident and self-assured contributors to society.

All students have the opportunity to study art in its various mediums and to find new forms of self-expression that help to build their skills as well as nurture their identity and self-awareness. Students in the elementary school learn to express themselves by experimenting with a variety of media, including: drawing, painting, collage, sculpture and printmaking.

At Kuper Academy, the intent of art education is to develop visual thinkers and to encourage creative problem solving. The visual arts program promotes visual literacy through the creation of art, through studies in art history and aesthetics, and through art appreciation and criticism. Artistic expression is valued and appreciated no matter what the age of the student and art education is not only part of the curriculum but is also an extracurricular option for children of every age who study at Kuper.

At the secondary level, students continue to learn how to further express their creative energy and to develop a greater sensitivity to the beauty of the world around them. Each course contains an art history component that is coordinated with the History and English programs. A variety of techniques are explored, including: drawing, painting, printmaking, pottery making, jewellery making, sculpture, and origami. Senior students who have a thirst for art courses are often encouraged to take additional classes that suit their interests. Art teachers help students who wish to pursue art in post secondary studies to prepare a portfolio.