Our elementary curriculum seeks to develop a foundation of competencies that will allow children to generate and communicate ideas, offering a challenging program of studies through the final cycle of elementary education.

Our students are encouraged to reach high levels of success in the core subjects of English, French, mathematics, and science. An advanced math course is offered to grade six students.

An international class is provided for students new to Quebec so that they can develop their English language skills and learn to speak French in a nurturing environment.

Kuper Academy Elementary Curriculum
Kuper Academy Elementary Curriculum

We realize that it is increasingly important to implement technology in the classroom as well as within the overall curriculum. Our students have access to learning labs, iPad technology, and robotics courses with all students in grades five and six using personal iPads daily.

Most grade levels have three classes with an average size of 18 students and a maximum of 25 students at the upper elementary levels.

Each week students visit the well-stocked library under the supervision of a qualified librarian for reading, author studies, and the acquisition of research skills.

A happy child is a healthy child and we realize the importance of nurturing individuals who are not only successful in school, but who grow up to be confident and self-assured contributors to society.