Kuper Academy - An Introduction to Physical Education

Kuper Academy maintains a strong commitment to athletics and physical education and aims to develop well-rounded students who not only excel within the classroom but who spend time exercising and developing their bodies as well as their minds.

Faculty members serve as coaches to our athletic teams, cementing the relationships developed within the classrooms. These adults teach important lessons and our coaches and staff are always working to build both the skills and the self-esteem of each player.

The goal of the physical education program is to develop a lifelong appreciation for fitness and sport. Students in kindergarten through grade six participate in physical education three times a week to develop skills such as agility and hand-eye coordination. They are taught how to maintain a healthy fitness level and they learn sportsmanship, cooperation, and team play through a variety of activities that fall within the guidelines of the MEES curriculum.

In the high school, physical education classes are offered twice a cycle at every level. A variety of sports options are provided to meet the interests and abilities of all students.

Our interscholastic and recreational programs offer our students the opportunity to hone their leadership skills and to develop and embody key values including self-discipline, humility, and respect for others that will inspire them to lead rewarding and active lives.

Three Kuper Academy school buses transport student athletes to all games and tournaments.