Kuper Academy - High School

Personal Development and Academic Achievement

At the high school level, our program is anchored on the twin principles of academic achievement and personal development. Students are encouraged to master the academic disciplines as well as the individual qualities that will prepare them for mature and productive citizenship. The focus in the high school is on the importance of nurturing self-discipline, critical thinking skills, problem solving, and teamwork. In order to help students reach this goal as individuals and as a collective, each grade is guided by a level adviser whose primary role is to offer guidance and leadership. Beyond the classroom, a wide variety of co-curricular activities also help students to develop self-confidence, a sense of responsibility, strong community spirit and lasting friendships.

Kuper students develop into confident adults who think critically, transform theory into practice and become responsible global citizens.

Language, the cornerstone of a Kuper education

While the secondary school curriculum is offered in English, fluency in French remains a priority and the program is tailored to suit a student’s individual proficiency. Secondary IV students who are sufficiently proficient may complete the secondary French requirement one year early and write the DELF exam (Diplôme d'etudes en langue française) in Secondary V. Upon successful completion of this exam they are granted a diploma by the Ministry of Education of France. Many of our students enter high school already fluent in several languages and graduate mastering even more.


KUPER Advantages

Academic Achievement

Kuper Academy prides itself on providing a challenging and fulfilling bilingual academic program geared to satisfy the growing sense of inquiry and curiosity of all its students. Our focus is not only on mastery of the academic disciplines but also on understanding, critical thinking and problem solving. Our graduates are leaders who demonstrate productive global citizenship.


Occupying a prime position on the campus, Kuper Academy High School is spread out over three levels with modern air-conditioned classrooms, a gymnasium, 3 science labs, a library, a computer lab, a cafeteria, a store, specialty classrooms for art, music and drama, multiple outdoor areas and a FIFA certified soccer field.

Technology in the Classroom

Kuper Academy continually strives to innovate. All students from grades 7 through 9 must purchase iPads from the school that are an integral part of their studies.Through option courses students have the opportunity to participate in programs such as robotics, computer programming, digital media, virtual reality and computer science courses.


Kuper Academy maintains a strong commitment to athletics and physical education and aims to develop well-rounded students who spend time exercising and developing their bodies as well as their minds. We have 30 sports teams, including elite teams who compete at high levels in the city, the province and in the United States. The school owns three buses for safe transport.