Kuper Academy - Music and Band

Musical training helps develop language and reasoning. The elementary school music program develops performance, appreciation, and creative aspects of music at all levels. Beginning in preschool, students participate in singing and movement activities in a group context. Students work through a variety of group activities which reinforce the concept of steady beat, pitch-making skills, rhythmic dictation, and cooperative learning.

Students also become familiar with orchestral instruments and learn to listen to music with a discerning ear. In grades two, three and four, students continue to build upon these skills while learning to read music and play the recorder. Additionally, students in grade two, three and four learn to play music in an ensemble setting (using Orff instruments and the recorder), working to maintain separate lines of music in a group context.

In grades five and six, students have the option to select the concert band course. At this level, there is more focus on performance. Students work independently as they learn to play brass, woodwind, and percussion instruments. Cooperation, rhythmic and pitch accuracy, musicality, and self-discipline are at the core of the elementary band program. In addition, students also participate in annual musicals, Mother's Day concerts, Remembrance Day ceremonies, an optional talent show, and two annual school-wide concerts.

As part of the extra-curricular music program, students may choose to participate in the choir. In addition to performing in front of their peers, the choir members perform at a variety of venues throughout the academic year, including: the Ogilvy's Toy Tea fundraiser, the Kirkland tree lighting ceremony, a variety of senior's residences, and other community venues.

At the cycle one level in the secondary school, band is mandatory in grade seven and becomes an option in grades eight and nine. In cycle two (grades nine through eleven), students can choose band, drama, glee, or the performing arts, participating in our elaborate school musical or various concerts. An acoustic guitar course in grade 11 is a popular option.

At the secondary level, music appreciation courses introduce students to a variety of musical genres and provide opportunities to attend live musical performances. Students are exposed to various forms of performance, improvisation, vocalization and singing.

Extracurricular activities include Jazz Band, Rock Band and Glee.