Good schools derive much of their vigour from a shared sense of purpose. A school community with a common mission is in a position to welcome challenges and build on the combined strength of its members. Throughout our preschool and elementary programs Kuper seeks to provide a stimulating bilingual curriculum in a safe and secure educational environment. We encourage each child to develop to his or her highest potential – intellectually, emotionally and physically. We strive to create an atmosphere in which all students develop a strong positive attitude toward learning and an appreciation and respect for the worth and dignity of all individuals in society.

Our high school mission builds on the elementary school experience by providing a solid educational base and the possibility for individual advancement. We expose students to a liberal arts curriculum centered on the study of mathematics, pure sciences, literature, languages and history. All students are encouraged to develop self-reliance, self-confidence, physical fitness, and a strong sense of moral responsibility. The Kuper mission is central to our vision for the future.