Description of clubs offered at the Mini Academy

Activities offered during lunchtime (11:00-11:45 or 12:00-12:45)

Sportball (K5, Gr. 1-2-3)

Sportball is a Multi-Sport program that introduces children to the fundamental concepts and skills behind eight popular sports: baseball, football, basketball, golf, hockey, soccer, tennis and volleyball. Sportball helps children develop socially as well as physically, through a curriculum developed to reinforce self-confidence free from the pressure of competition. Designed for children, the program provides a skill-driven, high energy and fun-filled curriculum.

Yoga (K5, Gr. 1-2-3)

A certified yoga instructor offers a children’s yoga program. Yoga is a natural and healthy way to exercise, relax, focus and strengthen the children's mind and body connections.

Zumba (Gr. 1-2)

“Zumba Kids” is a latin inspired fitness program that is fun and kid friendly. A great introduction to choreography and team work.

Breakdancing (Gr. 3)

Offered at Kuper Academy by “Break City”. The activity consists of fun and exciting workouts to improve rhythm, strength, endurance as well as building self confidence. The goal is not only to teach proper dance technique but to introduce their students to this incredible dance culture, giving them the tools to get inspired.

All Aboard Games (Gr. 1)

The future of board games, nothing like the games you may have at home. The children get to explore unique and exciting board games, develop their own strategies and challenge their friends.

Chess (Gr. 1)

Chess is a fun activity as well as a tool to stimulate concentration, memorization, imagination and logical thinking. The instructor uses a learning program with levels from beginner to advanced.

Sheltoons Cartooning (Gr. 1-2)

Sheltoons has over 30 years experience teaching students. The children draw and create different cartoon characters. Each student leaves with their projects and a Sheltoon drawing book.

Mad Science (Gr. 1-2)

Junior scientists learn about the world around them. They discover new experiments every week and receive an awesome take-home item to continue learning at home.

French Games and Songs (K5)

In this activity, the Kindergarten students play games using the French vocabulary they learned in class and enjoy singing new French songs.

Chantons et Dansons (Gr. 1)

The grade one students learn French songs with gestures and dancing steps. This activity increases the students French vocabulary and fluency in a fun environment.

Parlons Français (Gr. 1)

The grade one students practice having conversations in French in different contexts (i.e. at the restaurant, on the phone,etc.).

Micro Soccer (Gr. 1-2)

Coach Ryan will work on improving players’ technical skills and agility through proven drills and fun games all while playing in a team environment.

Activities offered after school (3:00-4:00)

Cooking Class (Gr. 2)

In this activity, the children mix and create some fun recipes. The students receive an apron that they get to keep. If your kids get cooking now, chances are they will keep this good habit as they grow older.

Healthy Snacking (K5)

This class teaches children how easy it is to make a fun snack. Each child is given their very own chef’s knife (nylon plastic) and during each class they will make one simple, fun and healthy snack.

Math Whiz (Gr. 2)

During this activity the students play different games related to the concepts taught in class. This gives the students the opportunity to practice different skills in a fun and relaxed environment.