About Kuper Academy

Tomorrow’s leaders will require the perfect blend of knowledge and judgment. Kuper Academy’s co-educational preschool, elementary, and high school programs provide the fundamental skills and values required for life-long learning, academic achievement, and a strong sense of personal growth. Our educators take pride in providing a warm and welcoming atmosphere conducive to learning.


Kuper Academy offers its students a multitude of activities that contribute to a rich school life. This includes regular and competitive sports, clubs, art, music, drama, and dance. There is also a strong emphasis on community and global service. These various undertakings and activities provide a sense of belonging to students.

Meeting the needs of a diverse student population, we provide differentiated French instruction to pupils who range in ability from beginners to mother tongue Francophones. Kuper students live in an academic reality that reflects the global village and we derive remarkable strength from the rich diversity of people within our community. At Kuper Academy students learn to accept, to respect, and to value cultural differences. We firmly believe that this will help them to develop into confident and successful adults within a globalized world.

Kuper Academy is the day school of choice for children from the local community as well as international students.

General School Profile

Kuper Academy is a coeducational English private day school operating under the rules and regulations of the Ministère de l’Éducation et de l'Enseignement supérieur , MEES (Ministry of Education and Higher Learning) of the province of Quebec. It consists of three learning institutions: preschool, elementary, and high school; and students will often complete their entire formal education within the school. Students will be issued a high school diploma when they complete the necessary 54 credits.


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High School

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Good schools derive much of their vigour from a shared sense of purpose. A school community with a common mission is in a position to welcome challenges and build on the combined strength of its members. Throughout our preschool and elementary programs Kuper seeks to provide a stimulating bilingual curriculum in a safe and secure educational environment. We encourage each child to develop to his or her highest potential – intellectually, emotionally and physically. We strive to create an atmosphere in which all students develop a strong positive attitude toward learning and an appreciation and respect for the worth and dignity of all individuals in society.

Our high school mission builds on the elementary school experience by providing a solid educational base and the possibility for individual advancement. We expose students to a liberal arts curriculum centered on the study of mathematics, pure sciences, literature, languages and history. All students are encouraged to develop self-reliance, self-confidence, physical fitness, and a strong sense of moral responsibility. The Kuper mission is central to our vision for the future.

Our History

Over a single generation, Kuper Academy has grown into the largest English private school in Quebec. It was first opened by Janet Perdue in 1986 as a junior elementary school that focused on imaginative learning in a secure family environment.

In 1988 Joan Salette joined Kuper Academy, expanding the school and its facilities to offer an elementary program from preschool through grade six. Kuper’s dynamic growth paralleled the rapid development of the West Island community, and the nineties marked the beginning of Kuper’s expansion into the high school years.

By 2001 the construction of a modern high school building saw Kuper Academy complete its evolution into a full-service preschool through secondary level educational facility. Four more expansion projects followed. Each school building has its own address and entrance, yet each shares the same campus; and we believe that this encourages a sense of camaraderie across the entire Kuper community.

  • Joan Salette

    Mrs. Joan Salette

    Head of School

  • Robert Salette

    Mr. Robert Salette

    Associate Director

  • Eric Casarotto

    Mr. Eric Casarotto

    Assistant Headmaster

  • Mr. George Martin

    Mr. George Martin

    Director of Athletics

  • Mr. Bryan Pearce

    Mr. Bryan Pearce

    Dean of Student Life

  • Ms. Louise Blanchette

    Ms. Louise Blanchette

    Director of Finance

  • Ms. Rita Lancione

    Ms. Rita Lancione

    Administrative Secretary

  • Anoush Mareshlian

    Ms. Anoush Mareshlian

    Admissions Officer

  • Mrs. Carmelina Vassallo

    Ms. Carmelina Vassallo

    Accounts Receivable

  • Ms. Kayla Baskin

    Ms. Kayla Baskin

    School Counsellor

  • Mr. Bradley Blythe

    Mr. Bradley Blythe

    English & Ethics Teacher
    Head of English Department

  • Ms. Nathalie Breton

    Ms. Nathalie Breton

    French & Geography Teacher

  • Ms. Natalie Brothers

    Ms. Natalie Brothers

    English & Social Sciences Teacher

  • Mr. Rick Carter

    Mr. Rick Carter

    Math Teacher

  • Mr. Edward Chang

    Mr. Edward Chang

    English & Social Sciences Teacher
    Secondary I Level Advisor

  • Ms. Crystal Cichanowicz

    Ms. Crystal Cichanowicz

    Math & Science Teacher

  • Ms. Tammy Cohen

    Ms. Tammy Cohen

    Art & Social Sciences Teacher

  • Ms. Kimberly Day

    Ms. Kimberly Day

    Art, Computers & Social Sciences Teacher

  • Mr. Neil Dixon

    Mr. Neil Dixon

    English, Ethics & Business Teacher

  • Mr. John-Carlo Franzese

    Mr. John-Carlo Franzese

    Head of Social Science Department

  • Mr. Jacob Harris

    Mr. Jacob Harris

    Physical Education & Business Teacher

  • Mr. Lawrence Harris

    Mr. Lawrence Harris

    Math & Science Teacher

  • Ms. Andrea Hawkins

    Ms. Andrea Hawkins

    Science Teacher

  • Ms. Karima Irbah

    Ms. Karima Irbah

    Head of French Department

  • Mrs. Lorna Johnston

    Ms. Lorna Johnston


  • Mr. Gasser Khalifa

    Mr. Gasser Khalifa

    French Teacher & DELF/TEF Coordinator

  • Ms. Amanda Lagendyk

    Ms. Amanda Lagendyk

    Math Teacher

  • Ms. Catherine Lechman

    Ms. Catherine Lechman

    English & Ethics Teacher

  • Ms. Sarina Legge

    Ms. Sarina Legge

    English & Ethics Teacher

  • Ms. Danielle Leneveu

    Ms. Danielle Leneveu

    French Teacher & Secondary III Level Advisor

  • Mr. Michael Louvaris

    Mr. Michael Louvaris

    Math & Science Teacher

  • Ms. Suzanne Moore

    Ms. Suzanne Moore

    Science Teacher

  • Ms. Nga Nguyen

    Ms. Nga Nguyen

    Art & Computer Sciences Teacher

  • Ms. Alexandra Papazoglou

    Ms. Alexandra Papazoglou

    Social Sciences & Ethics Teacher

  • Mr. Dean Phillips

    Mr. Dean Phillips

    Head of Science Department

  • Ms. Brittany Privee

    Ms. Brittany Privee

    Phys. Ed & Social Sciences Teacher
    Secondary II Level Advisor

  • Mr. Alexander Rother

    Mr. Alexander Rother

    English Teacher

  • Ms. Nadia Saroli

    Ms. Nadia Saroli

    Math Teacher

  • Ms. Robyn Shiller

    Ms. Robyn Shiller

    Drama & Social Sciences Teacher

  • Mr. Gregor Tedford

    Mr. Gregor Tedford

    English & Social Sciences Teacher

  • Mr. Cullen Thiessen

    Mr. Cullen Thiessen

    Teacher & Secondary IV Level Advisor
    Assistant Athletics Director

  • Julie-Eve Vanier Duclos

    Ms. Julie-Eve Vanier Duclos

    French Teacher

  • Ms. Annu Vir

    Ms. Annu Vir

    French Teacher

  • Ms. Chelsea Wakeling

    Ms. Chelsea Wakeling

    English & Ethics Teacher

  • Mr. Jeremy Welik

    Mr. Jeremy Welik

    Social Sciences Teacher

  • Ms. Mirja Wissenz

    Ms. Mirja Wissenz

    Music Teacher

  • Ms. Najma Ali

    Ms. Najma Ali

    Headmistress ELP & Elementary School

  • Ms. France Salette

    Ms. France Salette

    Head of the Early Learning Pavilion

  • Ms. Anik Bissonnette

    Ms. Anik Bissonnette

    Grade 6 French

  • Ms. Maryse Campanelli

    Ms. Maryse Campanelli

    Grade 1/2 French

  • Ms. Maria Criniti

    Ms. Maria Criniti

    Grade 5/6 English / French

  • Ms. Susan Davidson

    Ms. Susan Davidson

    Grade 3 English

  • Ms. Silvia De La Garza

    Ms. Silvia De La Garza


  • Ms. Josee De Iuliis

    Ms. Josee De Iuliis

    Kindergarten (5y old)

  • Ms. Jennifer Di Marco

    Ms. Jennifer Di Marco

    Behaviour & Resource Specialist

  • Mr. Brian Forsyth

    Mr. Brian Forsyth

    Grade 4 English

  • Ms. Anik Garcia

    Ms. Anik Garcia


  • Ms. Julie Ann Gaudin

    Ms. Julie Ann Gaudin

    Grade 1

  • Ms. Christine Gervais

    Ms. Christine Gervais

    Grade 5 English

  • Ms. Lesley Hammill

    Ms. Lesley Hammill

    Administrative Assistant

  • Ms. Emma Harries

    Ms. Emma Harries

    Grade 1/2 English Teacher

  • Ms. Melissa Ivany

    Ms. Melissa Ivany

    Grade 1/2 French

  • Ms. Anastasia Knox

    Ms. Anastasia Knox

    Grade 5 French

  • Ms. Brenda Leitch

    Ms. Brenda Leitch

    Art teacher

  • Ms. Heidi Lenet

    Ms. Heidi Lenet

    Physical Education Teacher

  • Ms. Talia Malette

    Ms. Talia Malette

    Physical Education Teacher

  • Ms. Kelly Meehan

    Ms. Kelly Meehan


  • Ms. Cynthia Pike

    Ms. Cynthia Pike

    Kindergarten (5y old)

  • Ms. Lori-Ann Rapattoni

    Ms. Lori-Ann Rapattoni

    Grade 5 English / French

  • Ms. Esther Rouleau McCarthy

    Ms. Esther Rouleau McCarthy

    Grade 3 French

  • Ms. Angie Sabella

    Ms. Angie Sabella

    Grade 4 French

  • Ms. Kim St-Amand

    Ms. Kim St-Amand


  • Ms. Shirley Tang

    Ms. Shirley Tang

    Grade 1/2 English

  • Ms. Yan Hua Zhang

    Ms. Yan Hua Zhang


  • Ms. Perlene Miller

    Ms. Perlene Miller


  • Ms. Jennifer Smolar

    Ms. Jennifer Smolar


  • Ms. Mary Owen

    Ms. Mary Owen

    Math & Science Teacher

  • Ms. Silvia Rodriguez

    Ms. Silvia Rodriguez

    Spanish & Ethics Teacher